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The 2019 Davy BES Fund is now closed

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What is the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme?

The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme ("EII Scheme") is a tax relief incentive scheme, (previously the Business Expansion Scheme ("BES")), which provides all-income tax relief to Qualifying Investors for investments in certain qualifying small and medium sized trading companies (”SMEs”).

The EII Scheme offers one of the few remaining income tax reliefs and is one of the few sources of total income relief (which includes, for example rental income).

BES Management Designated Activity Company

BES Management Designated Activity Company is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. BES Management DAC. is a joint venture company owned by Davy and BDO. J&E Davy, trading as Davy, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Davy is a member of Euronext Dublin and the London Stock Exchange. BDO is authorised to carry on investment business in the Republic of Ireland by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

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Companies wishing to receive further information about The Davy EII Tax Relief Fund can contact:

Andrew Bourg

For information on our BES Tax Advisory Services please view our Tax Advisory Page on the BDO website.

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